The Renewal by Jess Morales Photo

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The Renewal
“It’s Saturday November 26th and I am packing my things for this beautiful shoot at Enchanted Rock and am excited for my 4 hour drive out there. Obviously these were not taken there so let me tell you the story: After lots of crazy music and my pit stop to Taco hut (because tacos for breakfast are necessary) and random stop at HEB to see a lady about some flowers, I only was able to get eucalyptus (be patient), passing a EMU on the side of the road… YES I said EMU well we finally get to Enchanted Rock and we arrive 3 hours early to get in….. and then a park ranger drives up to the 4th or 5th car in front of us and says on his very much needed mega phone, “WE ARE AT CAPACITY, TURN YOUR VEHICLE AROUND THERE WILL NOT BE ANY MORE ENTRANCES!” MY HEART PANICKED….. I have been waiting to create these memories for over two months after speaking to Alyssa about her vision! “. Read all about it at See the photos of our beautiful wedding venue.

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