Wedding Gifts Under $100

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Wedding Gifts Under $100

June 6, 2016 by The Moss Ranch

One of the best parts of planning your new life together is selecting items for your new home. Placing a variety of classic and contemporary items on your wedding registry will appeal to guests of all budgets.

As an unwritten rule, couples should keep their registry free of personal items, since guests often want to give items the couple can share. If formal china, crystal, or appliances are part of your registry, be sure to balance it with less expensive and more utilitarian items. Guests often enjoy giving an item that will be used frequently.

Finally, don’t be afraid to include some non-traditional items on your registry that are unique to your lifestyle. Camping gear, gardening tools, and barbecue equipment are all fun items for your list.

The best items under $100 often fall into certain categories. Think about these when registering for yourself or selecting for others.


Even the couple who professes no culinary skills will eventually have use for a good muffin tin. Choose top quality, affordable items such as this cake pan or mixing bowls set from Williams Sonoma.

Long Lasting Cookware

Texans know the best cornbread comes in a cast iron skillet, and you don’t have to break the bank to find one. Williams Sonoma offers Lodge skillets starting at $12.95. A well-made sauce pan or dutch oven is also an excellent choice for an inexpensive, long lasting gift.

Fun (and Useful) Kitchen Gadgets

A registry is a great place to put that splurge item that’s fun. Think salt and pepper grinders, food choppers, or egg slicers. We like this mortar and pestle because guacamole needs a home, too.

Portrait Frames

Pictures abound after a wedding and every couple deserves beautiful frames for their gorgeous photography. From engraved sterling silver to finely crafted wood, a nice set of portrait frames is a thoughtful gift and well under budget.

What’s on your registry? What gift do you love to give?

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