How many guests can you seat for the reception?

We can seat up to 150 for an indoor and porch area reception. Extended seating and serving can be arranged in the open gravel patio areas. Two 13 X 13 tents are available for use on the gravel area.

What is included in the overnight accomodations?

The Moss Ranch has fully furnished overnight accommodations. The spacious bridal suite has two queen beds and a queen sofa sleeper. The groom’s room has two full sized beds and a full size sofa sleeper. All linens, bedding and towels are included. The kitchen in the main event room has a mini refrigerator, microwave, electric skillet, toaster and coffee maker for making breakfast. Silverware, coffee. paper goods and condiments are provided.

What decor restrictions exist indoors?

We ask you to please avoid the following when decorating: sand, unprotected candles, (candles can be in jars or non-melting containers as long as the flame is below the top of the jar) glitter, paper confetti, fresh dark rose petals, bubbles, hay, birdseed, cornmeal (for dancing), silly string, helium balloons (the strings could get caught in the ceiling fans) and nailing, screwing, taping or stapling. Items may be attached with command strips (available at Walmart)

Does The Moss Ranch have dressing rooms?

There is a large bridal suite with a bathroom for the brides and bridesmaids to use and a large bedroom and bathroom with private entrance for the groom and groomsmen to use. Also there is a third private bedroom and bath for additional dressing space.

Is there a down payment required at the time of booking and can we make payments?

A non- refundable down payment of $1000 is required at the time of booking and signing of the contract and the remainder can be paid in 2-4  equal non-refundable payments scheduled at intervals with the final payment due no later than 45 days before the event.

Can we reschedule after we book the event ?

The rental  fee is non- refundable but you can reschedule (with a $750 rescheduling fee) to another available date if for some reason the date of the wedding has to be changed (one time).

What is the day of rental time policy?

There is a total of 15 hours allotted for a day only. The day begins at 9am and ends at midnight. All serving of alcohol must stop by 11pm and music must be turned off at 11:30pm in order to facilitate all items and guests to leave by midnight.

Is there a damage deposit?

There is a $500 damage deposit required 45 days prior to the wedding event date.
The deposit is refundable as long as everything is left in the pre-event condition with only normal cleaning needed, (undamaged, nothing missing, no excessive cleaning needed and no smoking inside the buildings, etc)

Is the event fee refundable?

The rental  fee is non- refundable but you can reschedule (with a $750 rescheduling fee) to another available date if for some reason the date of the wedding has to be changed (one time).

What size and type of table linens do you have and are they included in the rental fee?

The Moss Ranch has polyester ivory floor length table linens and white square overlays which are included in the rental fee. The linens will be kept on the tables after the event and The Moss Ranch will take care of cleaning the linens.

Are there any extra costs or hidden fees?

The price is inclusive of the several amenities that are offered including the floor length ivory table linens with white square overlays. No tax or gratuity will be charged!

Who is in charge of cleanup?

You will only be responsible for taking down and removing your decorations and removing and bagging trash. The round tables, linens and chiavari chairs need to be placed back inside the main event room and the white folding chairs need to be stacked on the covered porch.

May we take bridal and engagement pictures on the Moss Ranch property?

Absolutely! We are honored that you would want to take such memorable pictures at the Moss Ranch. Photo shoots can be scheduled in advance depending upon availability of the venue and venue management.

What restrictions exist for outdoor decor or items to toss upon departure?

These items are not allowed to be used at The Moss Ranch for the couples send off.- silk flower petals, rice, bird seed, paper confetti, dark rose petals, silly string, glitter, Chinese lanterns. Sparklers can be used if there is not a burn ban in Llano county.

What kitchen amenities are available?

There are 2 kitchen areas. One is in the main event room for use of the wedding party during the event and for the overnight guests. This kitchen area has an 11 foot granite countertop with a large single granite sink with an under the counter mini refrigerator. There are drawers and cabinets under the countertop. There is also a pantry with a rolling cart with a microwave, electric skillet, toaster and a coffee pot including coffee, sugar and paper goods which are provided for use of the overnight guests only. In the separate building there is a commercial kitchen with a a large refrigerator, a large chest freezer, large commercial sinks and several prep tables. There is no oven or ice machine provided by The Moss Ranch. The use of the commercial kitchen is for the caterers on the event day only.You may bring ice to store in the chest freezer and you may wrap the leftover food from the event and keep overnight in the refrigerator. No alcohol may be stored in the commercial refrigerator.

Do you require a wedding coordinator?

You will need a day of wedding coordinator to manage the event and vendors which will be a contact person The venue managemant can communicate with. You may choose one or more non-professional persons that are not in the wedding party. They need to be in charge of the time schedule and the flow of the event including guests arrival, cake, flowers, decorations, photographers, DJ, caterers, etc, to let them know where to park and drop off equipment etc.

Can we choose our own caterers and vendors?

You may choose your own caterers and vendors.
We work with several local caterers and vendors, the current list is on the website.The caterers can cook outside on site with their own cooking equipment or bring the food already prepared.

What items can we use for our send-off?

We allow sparklers (but not during a burn ban), bubbles, organic flower petals, and streamers on sticks. We do not allow rice, bird seed or confetti.

What are the rules for alcohol?

You can purchase your own alcohol for the reception but it cannot be opened or served until the bartenders arrive. All alcohol will be served by TABC bartenders including champagne toasts. No guests, family or wedding party can bring their own alcohol. No alcohol is permitted to be self-served at guest tables or anywhere on property where a TABC bartender is not serving the alcohol. No one under the age of 21 will be served alcohol. There needs to be one bartender per 100 adult guests The usual fee for bartenders is around $30 per hour for each bartender.

Do you require a security officer at events?

Yes, you will need one security officer per 100 adult guests during the times the alcohol is being served until the time the guests leave no later than 12:00 midnight. The fee is $30 per hour for each officer. The Moss Ranch will make these arrangements for you and you will pay them during the event.